Youngstown, Ohio — Portraits Of An Adamant City Photo Book

Youngstown, Ohio — Portraits Of An Adamant City Photo Book


Forward / "It’s probably impossible for anyone to create images of a place and at the same time not express an opinion of that place.  Yet that’s what David is trying to do with this collection; to convey the emotion of being from this place, not to make a statement about this place.  It could be anywhere, but because of who he is and where he was born, it’s Youngstown.  

I’m also from here, and am the same age as David; which makes us too young to remember the old steel producing Youngstown, but old enough to remember when Federal St. was a pedestrian mall lined with empty storefronts.  I don’t bring this up to paint a cliche picture of a post industrial romanticism, but just to put the emphasis on shared experience.

These are pictures of familiar places, but also some that I’ve never seen.  Some from angles that I’ve never seen.  There are very personal pictures of very dear friends, and pictures that abstract their location just enough to make you pretty sure you know where it was taken, but maybe not (the way that any local always knows where everything is, even though they’ve never been there).

It’s the kind of collection that if you saw these pictures and then visited Youngstown for the first time, it would already feel familiar.  And if you’re from here, they’re the kind of pictures that you smile at and feel a deep undefinable connection to.  

While it is impossible to experience a place (especially through photographs) without some sort of preconception, experiencing it through the gaze of someone who calls that place home, and lovingly so, you at least know that your tour guide will be honest while showing you the value in things and places whose value is not necessarily apparent." - Anthony LaMarca

Portraits Of An Adamant City was released in two limited edition releases of 50 books in 2016 and 2017. 

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